Eye on the First Certificate: topics

The Cambridge First Certificate Exam is one of the most popular B2 exams out there. It’s a great choice to certify your upper intermediate English level because it’s a very practical exam, which means you continue learning and improving your English while you prepare for the exam.

The topics covered in the exam coincide with the unit topics in Cambridge’s Complete First textbook. This book has a ton of great supplementary material and is a great book for anyone aspiring to a B2 level whether they plan on taking this specific exam or not.  I often wok with students who actually intend on taking Trinity or OTE exams but the Complete First is a better book for improving your level to where it needs to be at a B2 level.

You will be expected to know some specific vocabulary, appropriate for your level of English, for these 14 topics as well as be able to form opinions on them for both the speaking and writing portions of the exam.



You will need to be able to talk about members of your family as well as different types of families and common problems in families like dividing the housework and relationship difficulties whether between parents and teens or the keys to a good relationship.

Free Time

This will cover your hobbies and pastimes as well as how you choose to relax. You will need to talk about a variety of activities, not just your own.

Travel and Vacation

There are many different types of holidays you can take. From backpacking to luxury cruises and everything in between. What kind of people enjoy each and what could go wrong?


Be able to explain what you like and don’t like, some dishes you recommend from your region or country, and also about what’s healthy.


Here they could bring up any phase of education from preschool to university and even extended learning. Think about ways of teaching an studying and problems you might want to fix in the education system in your country, for instance.


First jobs is a big topic here. You will need to know a variety of professions and what makes them difficult or interesting.

Adventure Sports and Risk Taking

Do you like to live on the edge? Have you ever tried any risky sports? You will need to look up the names of common extreme sports ad think about how you feel about them.


Movie stars, actors, famous people generally. What makes their lives enviable? Difficult? Do you wish you were rich and famous?

Psychology and Happiness

What makes you happy? How would you describe your personality? Can money buy happiness?

Money, Shopping, Consumerism

Do you like shopping? Have to have the newest most fashionable items? Should people try and buy less? How does this lifestyle affect the environment?

Doctors and Medicine

You will need to revise common ailments as well as have ideas on healthy lifestyle choices.

Animals and Animal Conservation

What benefits are there to having pets? How can we improve the treatment of animals? What can be done to protect endangered species?

Houses and Living Space

You will need to be able to name and describe different types of homes and living spaces. What would your ideal home be like?

Special Days and Celebrations

This will cover local national and even family traditions and celebrations. What do you like to do for your birthday? What do people in your country eat for Christmas? And everything in between.


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